Being a Voice for Victims

I am passionate about being a strong, supportive voice for victims. The criminal justice system can be a daunting process for anyone, but for those who have been the victim of a crime it can seem like an alien procedure that doesn't always put the needs of the victim at its heart. I am committed to ensuring that everyone working in the system - from police to courts, prisons and probation - are putting the victim's needs at the centre of all they do. I will continue to commission and support the services in our county that work tirelessly for victims. 




222 more Police Officers in Surrey!

Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, has welcomed the milestone of the recruitment of 222 additional officers in Surrey. 

New Year with Elmbridge Beat

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend saw in the New Year with Elmbridge Beat on their New Years Eve shift. 

Lisa said, 

"It is always great to see first-hand the invaluable work of Surrey Police to ensure everyone is safe on Surrey’s roads over the festive period.

Hearing From Residents In Shepperton

Surrey Commissioner Lisa Townsend and Deputy Commissioner Ellie Vesey-Thompson joined residents at Shepperton Village Hall on the evening of the 21st November.